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If you follow the blog, you know I am obsessed with minimal, rock and edgy style. And ever since I moved to California, I had a lot of difficulties to find designers meeting these expectations; that’s why I mostly stick with the same French designers.

And then, last December, I was approached by the LA-based brand Jack Meet Kate. One look on their Instagram and I was sincerely in love with their collection. How can I explain it simply: it mixes with perfection androgynous, rock and glamorous style. Their collections are made of timeless basics (a few must-have dresses, 2 jackets, a few tops), with a very feminine style borrowed from the boy’s. I like they imagined the ideal closet in one collection, if you ask me. Just what you need, no more, no less. Finally something different from the tacky sexy style you see everywhere in Hollywood!

My favorite piece of the collection was the biker vegan leather jacket, which I featured in my New Year’s Eve outfit and this very rock’n’roll look.



It was such a nice piece that someone had the irresistible need to steal it from me, so I hope this person is enjoying it right now! But what’s cheering me up is that the Summer collection is also awesome, and, very ironically, inspired by one of my favorite French icon from the 60’s, Françoise Hardy! I told you, this brand was made for me…

jumpsuit Jack Meets Kate rock

jack meets kate los angeles designer

jack meets kate los angeles designer rock

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