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Jade Jagger Jewelry 2016 Last week, I was flattered to be invited to Jade Jagger’s new fine jewelry launch at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. Let me be straight here: I know very little about the jewerly industry. My only pieces of jewerly are my wedding bands and an antique Jaeger Lecoultre family watch.  That’s why, if maybe you are like me, I will quickly present you Jade Jagger’s impressive professional background: she launched her jewelry brand in 1996, then became the Creative Director of Asprey and Garrard, and through the years, collaborated with some of the biggest luxury brands; such as Guerlain, where she redesigned the iconic Shalimar perfume bottle.

Now taking time to concentrate on her crafted jewelry collection, Jade divides her life between London and India, taking inspiration from traditional Indian materials and reworking them for her contemporary customer.


My favorite collection (which is not really surprising if you know the minimalist-obsessed girl that I am) is the one above: fine, discreet and delicate creations, in rose or white gold, ideal to transition from day to night, mixing classic and rock’n roll codes. It might have helped that Jade Jagger was wearing the necklace of this line on her tan skin, which was absolutely gorgeous.

But the creation that absolutely blew my mind, was this magistral cuff, in sapphire and 18K gold. Such a unique statement piece! What else do you need to wear seriously?


I also appreciated the total change of style with the Quintessence new line, mixing traditional and bohemian inspirations: each precious stone (Sapphires, Rubies, Aquamarine, Labradorite, Chrysophrase, Cabochons in diamond encrusted overlayed cage work) represents the elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.


I am really not an expert to talk about jewelry, so I’ll end this post with what will talk to you the most: additional pictures of her 3 new lines.

The Quintessence collection

The Bohemian Collection 

The Stellar Collection

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