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As promised last week, I will start talking more about my life in LA on the blog: the places I go to, the people I meet…and this week, I’d like to talk about a very cool designer, which mixes the LA vibes with the Parisian soul: Jenni Jane.

Jenni Jane Vegan Leather Bag

 Jenni Jane is French-American, she lived on both continents and challenged her self to create a brand which would reflect the spirit of Los Angeles, (sometimes very glamorous, sometimes totally laid-back) and the elegance and pure lines of the Parisian style.

For the launching of her brand, in November 2015, she created 4 pouches, inspired by the cities she lived in: Paris and the “Quai de Seine”, Soho in NYC, the hipster district of Silver Lake in LA, and South Beach in Miami.

Her zipped leather pouches, ultra-light and fun, give a colorful, arty and trendy twist to any outfit, which is the definition of a perfect accessory according to me!

But even if the brand is new, it already has high-quality standards: the leather is selected in Italy, and all her bags are Made in Los Angeles. Standards that more and more designers lack nowadays, if you look closely at the tags on your clothes…

I’ll let you discover the brand in images, and I encourage you to also go check the website and the eshop:


Los Angeles Bag Designer


Jenni Jane Los Angeles bag designer


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