JetKids – How to improve your travel experience with children


Parents! Read this post carefully, because I am about to give you the best travel tip, for when you are traveling with the little ones.As you might know, I travel frequently between Paris and Los Angeles with my little Jules (almost 3 years old now). We all know how painful it can be to take the plane with kids. If you’re a parent, it’s hours and hours trying to entertain them, make them stay in their seat, and eventually sleep a little bit in the worst condition, generally with your kid laying across you. If you’re not a parent, it is just as painful because you’ll have to witness all of this, without any way to escape.

Well, this year, I took my travelling experience to another level with JetKids, a genius and revolutionary suitcase that solves 2 major hassles when travelling with children: going through the airport, and sleeping in the plane.
jetkids bedbox

What you should know about the Jetkids Bedbox

  • It does have the dimensions of a carry-on luggage (LxWxH): 46cm x 20cm x 36cm
  • It comes with a washable mattress
  • It’s universal and fits most standard economy seats

It also comes with fun stickers so your kid can customize their own suitcase! Even when the mattress is inside the JetKids luggage, you can still fit your kids’ essentials: snacks, water, diapers, changing clothes…Here’s what Jules’ JetKids bedbox looked like when we packed:

jetkids luggage plane

Kids love to ride!

I was a little concerned to travel alone with Jules, with both our carry-ons and his stroller. We had a layover in San Francisco and only 45mn to change planes so we really needed to be fast! Jetkids made it easy for me because all I had to do was to sit Jules on the bedbox and make him ride it through the airport. He had fun and I did not loose my mind! To be completely honest with you, he had such a great time that after this he decided to pull his luggage himself, and was so proud to do just like his mama!


In the plane

In the plane, after we took off,  I converted JetKids suitcase into a bed with the provided mattress. It literally takes 2 easy steps and a few seconds. Jules was able to chill, stretch his legs, ready to rest, and so did I. A few snacks and cartoons after, he was asleep, and slept almost the whole flight. jetkids-luggage-bed-plane kids-blogger-jetkids-travel-with-children

These pictures speak for themselves…such a peaceful 11 hours of flight! The only problem that Jetkids has not solved for me was the jetlag…work in progress by any chance? 😜


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