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When I moved to LA, I created this blog to promote French Designers, talk about Parisian style, and to share a little bit of my Fashion culture in California.

So is Caroline, French and Californian-based co-founder of the website www.kudecoeur.com, who selects the best of French artisans and designers.

Her main criteria: pure, elegant and handcrafted products, with a real know-how.

Anne Thomas Cuff Kudecoeur

Caroline is French, mum of 3 children, and after a few years freezing on the East Coast, she moved with her family in Laguna Beach, California.

She always loved Fashion, but the creation of Kudecoeur.com is more original.
During our meeting in LA, she told me that the idea of the website came after she did a Yoga retreat: she changed her whole way of life, starting to be more respectful with herself, in her diet, how she treats her body, and also how she shops. She wanted to favor local designers, handcrafted products, the respect of years of tradition, instead of buying manufactured and impersonal goods.

That’s how she decided to mix her French Culture (which is plentiful of exceptional artisans), with this new way of thinking, and created www.kudecoeur.com with Paris-based Stylist and Personal Shopper Noemie K who helps her in the selection of brands.

les petits papiers d'elfe desk craft

Kudecoeur.com is an online concept store, where you can shop 4 categories: home & kitchen, desk & crafts, jewelry and accessories. All Hand Made in France.

My “coups de coeur” (which translates to crushes in English):

Jewelry ANNE THOMAS and her Wonder Woman-inspired collection:

Wonderwoman jewelry Anne Thomas Cuff

Anne Thomas Wonderwoman Jewelry

Wonderwoman jewelry Anne Thomas

Anne Thomas Cuff Jewelry

I loved this collection of cuffs in fine gold and velvet chic, with geometric and modern shapes.

Home Designers EPURE and ALIX D REYNIS:

Alix D Reynis porcelaine linen plate

I was pretty impressed by this set of dish linen plates, a precious and delicate item which is more a piece of art than a plate…

Alix D Reynis Lighting Pendant Porcelain

Home designer and sculptor Alix D Reynis works with Porcelain, a noble, pure and demanding material, for all her creations.

The Leather Accessories of “ATELIER SAINT-LOUP“:

Atelier Saint Loup Nubuck Pouch Blue Roi

Atelier Saint Loup Ipad Cover leather

For a leather lover like me, the creations of ATELIER SAINT-LOUP are little treasures: from the quality of the leather, to the vibrancy of the color and the sober elegance of the models, those are classic and chic pieces that you want to wear for every occasion.

Those are my favorites, but you can find much more brands on www.kudecoeur.com: Jewelry brand MEDECINE DOUCE, silk foulards A PIECE OF CHIC, funny pencils LES PETITS PAPIERS D’ELFE, arty postcards CINQ MAI

Shop right now on the e-boutique and follow Kudecoeur’s news on their social media:
Facebook: Ku de Coeur
Instagram: @kudecoeur

Bisous Bisous (=xx)

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