“Land of Dreams” Dreamcatchers

Décoration Hippie Chic Dream Catcher

We all fell for the hippie chic style, and wore flower crowns, fringes, and lace dresses…good news, even if summer is over and our flower headbands are back in the closet, the boho trend is now in our living rooms with the Dreamcatchers, an original and mystic decorative element.

And the one who has mastered the creation of the Dreamcatcher, Karine Mancet, founder of the brand Land Of Dreams.

land of dream dreamcatchers attrape rêves

Décoration Hippie Chic Dream Catcher

Karine is the redhair beauty on the picture above, as if she is coming straight from the 70’s.

Attrape Rêves Land of dream catcher

In 2012, she mixed the universes of interior design with the Hippie Chic culture, both which she adores, and made her first Dreamcatcher.

She diverts the original concept of this traditional object from the Amerindian culture, supposed to chase nightmares, in a poetic and colored decoration piece.

Land Of Dream Attrape Rêves décoration Land of Dream Catcher Décoration








She uses lace, old doilies, pearls and ribbons, she paints wood pearls to create pretty colored cameos. The final result is amazing!

Décoration Hippie Chic Dream Catcher

Land Of Dreams Dreamcatchers are made on demand, in unique pieces, and in 3 sizes:

– lthe smallest size is ideal for a birth gift for example. Karine can embroider the name of your precious little one on it (My Jules will have his soon!)

Décoration Hippie Chic Attrape Reves

– The Medium size is the perfect decoration item for your house.

Dreamcatchers décoration Hippie chic

Dreamcatchers décoration Hippie chic

–  The supersize is ideal for your shop windows, up your bed, or to stage an event (weddings, runways…)

dreamcatcher land of dreams décoration

But Karine, with only 10 fingers, and facing a growing demand, can’t do anything by herself anymore…she is trying to raise funds to help her develop her project, form people to help her and buy new accessories to make her dreamcatchers.

If you like her project, help her and go on the crowdfunding website kisskissbankbank.com till early October to give a participation! 

Also, don’t miss her Facebook Page, and share it: Land of Dreams.

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