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Choosing the person who will design your wedding dress can be tough, but to me it was an obvious choice. The day I saw the dresses of Laure de Sagazan, it was real love at first sight, even quicker than with my husband :-).

I am writing this as I get out of my 5th appointment, where I tried for the first time my Made-to-Measure dress. Since I have been married for almost two years already, I was not excepting to feel something special, this emotion that future brides have before they make the big step. For me, no pressure, been there done that, this wedding “bis” was just a party for the family.


But this dress, my friends..this dress…“♫ she made me feel…oh she made me feel…like a Virgin!♫”.

I can’t reveal more pictures of it before the party (although I am DYING to!!), but I can repeat again and again how much I love it: its boho style, its fluid design, the delicate lace on the shoulders, the deep open back…I am already thinking how I will manage to wear it again after the wedding.

So, to share with you those intimates moments, here are a few pictures of Laure de Sagazan’s studio, hidden in a beautiful and charming Parisian building.




Like I said, those dresses are Made-to-Measure, but what does this mean?
During your first appointment, you get in the beautiful “trying room”, where you will discover all the collections of the designer. You will try on the one you like, and will be able to think about it till your second appointment. Then, you’ll have to make the choice of the dress. But because you choose a dress does not mean that you will get THIS dress: Made-to-Measure means that you can customise it, and this is what appointments 3 and 4 are for.

For instance, I changed the size and the width of the straps, the V-neck of my dress, the place of the belt…till it really looked like a dress designed especially for me.












Each dress is different, but the general style is fluid, poetic and elegant, boho and retro.

Upstairs, you can also visit the studio, a big and super bright room under a glass roof, where the dressmakers are designing the dresses, and working on the new collections.



To finish, I’d like to thank Eugénie and Charlotte, who both took care of me and answered my questions, my requests, adapted to my changing plans, and who, I hope, will appreciate this article.

And now…we are waiting for August 22nd!

Laure de Sagazan
102, rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75010 Paris
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  1. Merci de nous avoir fait découvrir cette créatrice, je viens d’aller sur le site, c’est divin!
    Peux-tu par hasard nous donner une idée du prix? 🙂

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