Paris, with its didctatorship of fashion, its codes that we follow like sheep, and, in the middle, Margaux, a french designer with a hypnotic beauty. I met Margaux a few months ago in the very hipster bar « Le Progres » in le Marais, Paris.

Stylist, blogger, model Margaux Lonnberg
Margaux Lonnberg

Margaux Lonnberg, blogger, model, stylist Margaux is a multi-talented artist who is at best undefinable: initially know for her arty, provocative and on-the-edge blog “The Killing Moon Confused”, she is also a model for trendy french designers (for Bash in Fall 2013), dj (Wanderlust Paris), photographer, trend-setter and overall stylist for her eponymous brand “Margaux Lonnberg.

With her evanescent blond messy hair, her cool style, always rock’n’roll but never intentionally, Margaux is unique in the Fashion sphere.
I immediately fell in love with her first collection, which symbolizes a lay-back, rebel and poetic allure. Margaux makes the tee-shirt sexy and glamour, designing fluid and soft fabric tops which reveal the most sensual parts of a woman : the nape, the ribs, the chest, without being vulgar.

Top Tee-shirt Margaux Lonnberg Ed Wood Marlow
Stylish tops “Ed Wood” and “Marlow”

She turns the boyish jacket into an irresistible outfit, with her ALMA or ETHAN model, suggesting to wear it with nothing else. Her dress LOU, at first sight is simple and candid but gives it a bohemian-rock style.
Margaux Lonnberg, Ethan, boyish jacket stylish trendy 2013  Margaux Lonnberg,fashion, blogger, LOU dress, vogue, trendy, rock, candid blue
A designer you should follow attentively, her Fall-Winter 2013-2014 is available on and she ships worldwide! I already have a crush on the FIONA shirt!
And to prove how much i like and recommend the brand, here are some pics of me wearing some ML models!
Laura Albouy wears Margaux Lonnberg LAETITIA sexy and trendy top
Laura Albouy wears Margaux Lonnberg ALMA boyish and trendy jacket
Laura Albouy wears Margaux Lonnberg's MARLOW trendy and casual teeshirt      Laura Albouy wears Margaux Lonnberg LOU trendy & rock style dress

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