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Today I’d like to talk about a beautiful collaboration between French bag designer Bollywood Bazzar and Fashion Blogger Nikita Wong, founder of the blog Meet Me in Paree.
I don’t need to introduce anymore Bollywood Bazzar bags, which I am wearing on all my outfits on the blog!
Meet Me in Paree is one of my favorite fashion blogs: not only Nikita, a British/Chinese girl recently moving to Paris, is absolutely cute and ravishing, but her outfits on her blog are always original, edgy and stylish (I want everything that she wears!).

Discover the images of this collaboration shot by my Jean-Pierre, and the interview Nikita nicely answered us, where she talks about her life in Paris, her vision of French style, her fashion tips, her good spots in the capital…

Nikita (blog Meet Me in Paree) is wearing a Manoush Jumper and Zara leggings, with a Bollywood Bazzar messenger bag “LAURA” in calf-hair.


Initials LA: What brought you in Paris? What do you do?
Meet Me in Paree: Before moving to Paris I lived in Indonesia and while I was in Indonesia I met my boyfriend who is from France, so I followed him back to Paris! I’m an English teacher here in Paris, and a part time blogger.

Initials LA: Would you define yourself as a Parisian blogger?
Meet Me in Paree: I don’t think I define myself as any type of blogger, I don’t follow a certain style. I love mixing different styles or trends.
Although I really do like the Parisian style.

Initials LA: What is French style according to you?
Meet Me in Paree: French style for me is- Chic, Classic and comfortable. French ladies always seem to look stylish without even trying.


Nikita (blog Meet Me in Paree) is wearing a Zara top with Pimkie Jeans, and a Bollywood Bazzar palm trees clutch “SAMANTHA”.


Initials LA: What are the 3 must-have pieces of any French girl?
Meet Me in Paree: A classic Breton top, oversized coat and skinny jeans- oooh and a bonus one would be classic black ballerina pumps!

Initials LA: What are YOUR must-have 3 pieces?
Meet Me in Paree: My 3 “I can’t live without items are without question my red lipstick, my Betty X Lancaster bag and a pair of sunglasses.

Initials LA: Who is your favorite French designer?
Meet Me in Paree: I actually don’t have a favorite French designer, but I do have a favorite brand which is Manoush… I’m in love with all the dresses and skirts from Manoush! I always feel super confident wearing Manoush clothes.



Nikita (blog Meet Me in Paree) is wearing a Manoush dress with André shoes, and a Bollywood Bazzar silver bag “ANNEH”.

Initials LA: How do you choose your outfits?
Meet Me in Paree: I’m always buying individual pieces without thinking if they are going to match with anything in my wardrobe, so most mornings I have a 20 minute panic thinking I have nothing to wear! Then I realize that I have lots to wear and I choose the first outfit I tried on. I’m happiest in clothes that I feel comfortable in.

Initials LA: What is your favorite place to shoot in Paris?
Meet Me in Paree: I love shooting in or around Rue Montorgueil, in the 2nd district of Paris. It’s such a beautiful street filled with cafes, shops and flowers. I’m always happy when I’m there.

Initials LA: Who are the French Fashion bloggers you love?
Meet Me in Paree: “Le blog de Betty“. I find her super inspiring and I love that she still wears lots of high street brands.

Initials LA: Your instagram pictures are amazing, always so aesthetics. What is your secret?
Meet Me in Paree: I love instagram…. Actually obsessed with it! I really love taking beautiful pictures so Instagramming is such a pleasure.
I always try to use the same filter on my Instagram, and it’s all about good lighting and positioning.

Nikita (blog Meet Me in Paree) is wearing a Manoush jacket with Pimkie skirt and top, and a Bollywood Bazzar gold pouch “LUCIE”.



Initials LA: You take a lot of pictures of food which looks delicious. Can you share your best addresses for pastries, lunch and dinner in Paris?
Meet Me in Paree: For a good burger I always go to Lou Lou‘s in St michel, for desserts I go to Laduree and for tea and coffee I go a place called Tea corner in Le Sentier. There are so many great places to eat in Paris, and I’m currently on the hunt for a cute coffee shop here.. somewhere where I can relax for hours doing my blog!

“Merci” Nikita for this interview, her availability for this collaboration and her good mood and smile during the shooting!

I recommend that you follow her inspiring blog www.meetmeinparee and her instagram account .

Concerning the Bollywood Bazzar models she is wearing, you can find them:
– in the Parisian boutique, “le 77”, 77 rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 75005 Paris
– in mail-order selling (contact:
– very soon on ETSY.

Bisous Bisous

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