My Little Dude for 64

Shooting marque 64 tee-shirt bébé garçon

Today, my heart is exploding with pride while I present you the shooting of my little Jules for the French brand 64!
Don’t worry, I am not turning into those mothers who make their kids audition for castings, but I have a sentimental story with this brand, which comes from the Basque Country like me, and whose designs represent the cool “art de vivre” of my region: surf, sport, good food, well-being, party…

I always loved their kids collections (remember Jules’ anchor sweater last Summer),so I did not hesitate one second when they asked me if Jules could be the face of their Fall-Winter 2015-2016 collection!

The shooting took place in a charming and typical farm of the Basque Country, and even if I don’t want to brag, my baby was very professional and struck the pose better than his mother:-).

From their Fall collection, I had a crush on the new green color, and especially the  hoodie lined with fur, and the adorable Renardo tee, (which, of course, I got him right away).

Mode enfant marque 64 sweat

Marque 64 tee-shirt bébé garçon

Kid's fashion baby boyjpg

Mode bébé marque 64 Pays Basque

baby boy's fashion cute

So what do you think, isn’t Jules the best ambassador ever?

Have a nice week!


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