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Hi there!

I am so happy to welcome this little guy in my closet!

I am not a big fan of it-bags usually, and finding a bag which would be chic, timeless and not too branded gave me a hard time.

A Chanel or YSL bag like everybody? Not for me. I love those small bags, with gold chains, but seriously, when do you wear it when you are an active Mum? Even if I have a diaper bag, I still need room in my handbag for an emergency “tututte” (pacifier), some wipes, my giant phone, my make-up…and I am not of those who overdress when they go out (I would live in jeans and boots), so such a dressy bag was out of context.

In my search for a casual bag, I first picked this Proenza one, but it also looks like every fashionista has it.

And then, the cool and boho style of this Chloé “Marcie” model convinced me.

First, because the cross-body shape gives a relaxed and rock style to the bag, which is perfect to wear with a casual outfit. But the Tan colour gives it a very chic twist, and can make it more dressy if wanted.

Do you like it?

Miranda kerr Chloé Marcie Bag

Chloé Marcie Crossbody Bag

Chloé Marcie Crossbody Bag

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