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Ninon Retro Vintage Boutique Best Paris

First stop when I arrive in Paris: Ninon Retro shop, a small temple of Vintage on the very charming Place Sainte Catherine in Le Marais, to find little treasures from Hermès, Chanel, Lanvin, Céline…, dresses, shoes and cardigans from the 20’s or 30’s, vintage accessories (jewelry, belts, glasses) to bring chic and allure to every outfit.

This time again, I was not disappointed and bought a gorgeous Hermes belt!

So this time again, after a few months in LA, besides the jet-lag and the rain, I run to my friend Ninon’s shop. It is always such a pleasure to go to the Place Sainte Catherine, one of the most typical parisian place, with its paving stones, its French coffees and restaurants with terraces, its traditional shops (there is this Rare and old fragrance shop I recommend!) and of course Ninon Retro’s Vintage boutique.

It was raining like crazy, so please forgive me the dark pictures, but to give you a better idea of the location I stole a picture of the Place Sainte Catherine in summer:

Ninon Retro Place Marché Sainte Catherine Paris

In real, it was like this 🙂

Place Saint Catherine Paris le Marais Charming Place

Ninon Retro Vintage Place Sainte Catherine Paris Café Charme

Once again, I was delighted with Ninon Retro’s selection : I immediately fell in love with a burgundy Hermes Kelly bag, a short brown fur, a Saint-Lauren classic shirt, and a Hermes Belt, perfect to wear under the breast for my future mum’s belly! Everything was Vintage of course.

Ninon Retro Paris Fourrure Vintage Le Marais

Ninon Retro Vintage Kelly Hermes Paris Le Marais
Ninon Retro Vintage Fur and Hermes Kelly Bag
Ninon Retro Shop Chemisier Saint Laurent Vintage Lavallière
Ninon Retro Vintage Saint Laurent Shirt

Ninon Retro Vintage Bijoux Fourrures Paris Le Marais

I also love Ninon’s retro decoration:

Ninon Retro Paris Vintage Decoration Le Marais Boutique Mode

Ninon Retro Paris Le Marais Best Vintage Hermes Kelly

And by the way, how does Ninon look like? A beautiful and stylish Parisian girl, with a real fashion eye, who will help you find the perfect item for you in a few seconds.

Ninon Retro  Vintage

You can shop on her brand new online boutique!

Her items are sold very quickly, so I highly recommend to follow her on Social Media where she posts every new piece:
Facebook: Ninon Retro
Instagram: @ninonretro
Twitter: @ninonretro
Pinterest: Ninon Retro

Bonne semaine! (=have a nice week)


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