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    I confess, I am the most snobbish person when it comes to kids toys, especially boy’s toys.          I find them most of the times ugly, noisy, and I would hate for my living room to look like a Toys R Us store. In a ideal world, my son would only have nice wood & antique toys, in neutral beige or light grey colors. Well, in a world where Jules would not ruin the hardwood floor by throwing them on the ground, with the endless energy of his 20 months, which happened hundreds of times!

All this to say that I had a real crush on OMY Design & Play, a genius kid activity MADE IN PARIS which goes beyond my wildest dreams: its aesthetic, creative, SILENT, cultural, design and super trendy! FINALLY a kid’s drawing you wanna hang in your living-room (let’s be honest please).

Omy cool design trendy gift idea for kids

Behind OMY Design & Play are two Parisian graphic designers : Elvire Laurent & Marie-Cerise Lichtlé. Les deux créatrices de la marque, Elvire Laurent & Marie-Cerise Lichtlé, sont graphistes et illustratrices de métier. Having both recently become mothers, they felt the need to change their approach to design to apply it to the kid’s universe.They designed a new creative concept in an unexpected format, which today has become their classic : the giant coloring roll, on maps representing cities such as Paris, London, Los Angeles, New York…with a very detailed, playful and creative design.

Omy Design and Play Shop Up Hollywood Kids Pop Up

Omy cool coloring for kids french designers

In France, they have their own boutique in the edgy 10th district, an online store, and are distributed by the trendiest concept stores such as Colette, Merci, Centre Commercial…We’re still waiting for the brand to come in the USA!

It’s the PERFECT gift for kids, the kind of gifts parents will thank you for!

You’re welcome 🙂

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