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I am not going to lie to you: since I had my kid almost 3 years ago my skin changed, and not in a good way. Bye bye plumped and glowing skin from my 20’s, and welcome dark circles, dull complexion, and fine lines. Oh, and let’s not forget about the lion’s wrinkle, the one that automatically appears when you become a mother, because you won’t stop frowning and worrying about them from the moment they’re born until…well you just won’t stop !

I thought of trying fillers, it’s true….especially since I moved to Los Angeles, where injections are way more common on young women (yes, I am still considering myself as young at 32…am I right ?) than in Europe (I am French).  But before I jump into it, one of my blogger friends recommended a non-invasive treatment, dispensed at Parfaire Aesthetics in Pasadena : the Silk Peel Facial.

I contacted them and had the opportunity to try this 3-in-1 dermatological treatment two times in 6 weeks. I would like to be precise that even if I got a discount on the price of the treatment, this is not a sponsored post but an honest review of my experience at Parfaire Aesthetics.



« Parfaire » is a French word (this place was made for me !) that means « to make perfect ».

This Medi-Spa was created in 2015 by Dr.Winnie, who received her medical degree, completed her residency training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and graduated with honors. All this to say that you are in good hands !

Parfaire Aesthetics is providing a complete range of non-surgical treatments for the face and body such as fillers, skin tightening, lifts,  IPL Photo-Facial, acne treatment, body sculpting, cellulite reduction…. for natural, beautiful and noticeable results.

The Pasadena location is a charming, intimate and luxurious center. You will feel warmly welcomed by the staff in a tasteful and homey decor (no cold and sanitized atmosphere like in certain clinics).





The Silk Peel Facial is a 50 min relaxing treatment to plumps, smoothes, cleans and brightens your skin. Don’t be scared of the word « peel », we’re not talking about an invasive chemical peel that will leave your skin all red and burn afterwards ! The Silk Peel Facial is a microdermabrasion that will gently exfoliate and infuse medical-grade serum into your skin.

parfaire-medical-cabine copy

The microdermabrasion is just a small part of the treatment: you will discuss your skin’s needs with your aesthetician, so you can benefit from a made-to-measure, personalized treatment. Your skin will be pampered by serum and mask applications, sebum extraction, and neck, shoulders and hand massages.

The 4 conditions that this treatment targets are:

–      Hyper pigmentation

–      Photo-aging dryness

–      Fine lines and wrinkles

–      Cystic acne and scarring

I personally have some dark spots, fine lines, and my olive skin tends to be a little dull. My expectations were, after two treatments, to get a glowing, softer skin, and a diminution of my skin’s imperfections.

silk peel facial parfaire aesthetics

After my first treatment, I was impressed by the quality of my skin: it was so clean after the extraction, looking fresher and more radiant. The healthy glow stayed for 8-10 days.

After my second treatment, I started to see an improvement on my skin’s imperfections: some of my dark spots are slightly erased, my skin tone looks more even, the fine lines on my forehead appear to be reduced as well.

I think this is an excellent non-invasive treatment to improve your skin’s quality in the long-term. The price ($150/session) won’t allow me to go every month, but I will certainly go back every two months because I am very satisfied by the results. However, even if it really improved my skin’s appearance, my wrinkles are still here (but I don’t think that 2 sessions were enough to erase them…) so fillers or no fillers? The debate is still on!

To learn more about Parfaire Aesthetics:
(626) 470-6938
101 S. Madison Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101

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