Paris, Je t’aime.

Paris-je-t'aime,-relève-toi Pray for Paris

“Paris, I love you. Stand Up again”.

Like a lot of people from France, I don’t really have words, and it took me a few days to be able to react. No words, but a lot of rage, fear, and guilt for not being in Paris right now.

Like almost everybody I know, I lost someone last Friday, directly or indirectly, and for all the 128 people who were massacred and their families, I respected a few days of silence and mourning. But this is enough, I am so sick of this insecurity, this fear, which took over Paris since Charlie Hebdo attacks. I won’t say what I really think, because this blog is not political, but I have one thing to say. I hear all the time that French people are stubborn, hanging to their lifestyle, and that Parisian people are real assholes. Well, it’s time to show it. FUCK AND GOOD LUCK TO THOSE WHO TRY TO MAKE FRANCE BOW DOWN TO THEIR STUPID CONVICTIONS.

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