The Perfect Nursery Bag


When you become a new mum, you can say goodbye to:
– your heels. Have you ever tried to fold a stroller with pumps?
– your jeans. Unless you are Doutzen Kroes and recovered your body 2 months after you gave birth. In this case please call me and tell me how you did.
– your pouches, which you used to stuff with the minimum: cigarets (I am French)-makeup-keys-wallet. Now, every time you get out of your house (yeaaaaaah), you take a whole pharmacy with you, and the equivalent of a Kid Department store, IN CASE baby pukes, IN CASE he is cold, IN CASE he pees 10 times and you run out of diapers.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any solutions for the 2 first points, but I can help for the bag: French maternity brand Seraphine sent me this nice nursery bag, with a cool design and a nice midnight color with golden details. It is super practical, (it comes with a changing mat), AND trendy…at least a bag that you don’t want to hide under the stroller!

We shot it with my favorite outfit this month: my new shorts from French brand Maje,, a vintage denim shirt, and my Sandro boots.



Et oui, en bonne étourdie que je suis, je n’ai pas repassé ma chemise…si ma grand-mère voyait cela!



Pictures: Jean-Pierre


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