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Who doesn’t stress out when it comes to keep your family meals interesting? It’s a big challenge for me. I am a pretty good cook but a very limited one…with only 10 recipes TOP to my repertoire! As a working mother, as much as I would love to experience new recipes I just don’t have time to browse the internet or my cook books, then go to the supermarket to buy every single ingredient. This is so frustrating because we end up always eating the same meals!
This week, I partnered with PLATED to try their tasty and functional meal kit delivery service.
PLATED delivers real food experience for people like me who are curious and want to try new tastes and flavors without having to go to the restaurant. Your PLATED kit contains all the ingredients perfectly portioned with detailed directions on how to prepare your meal. It’s such a gain of time for people like me who need to skip the time at the supermarket!
How it works:
1. Once you sign up, choose your personalized plan: how often you would like to cook a week (I chose 2 nights/week)
2. Pick your recipes from 20 original chef-designed recipes every week. You can choose the level of difficulty of the recipe, but most of them are great for every cooking level. The menu is seasonal with different flavors that will make you travel and take your cooking skills to the next level.
3. Get your box and start cooking!

This week’s theme, “Hack The Holidays: Lighten Your Load” was ideal after the heavy Thanksgiving holidays, with a few veggie-forward dishes and no added gluten ingredients.
I chose the Japanese Chicken Tsukene with coconut rice and Chinese Broccoli, the Gnocchi Pomodoro with Swiss chard, goat cheese and sage-toasted pine nuts, and the chocolate crinkle cookies with powdered sugar.


When I opened the first meal kit (Japanese Chicken Tsukene), I was a little impressed by the quantity of ingredients. I am used to using 3-4 ingredients per meal, so I got a little confused by this variety of spices, grains, herbs…but with the help of the very detailed and illustrated step by step recipe, it took me 2 seconds to figure everything out. What looked like a difficult, restaurant-type kind of meal turned out to be pretty easy to prepare with the instructions. I learned how to glaze soy sauce, cook a tasty coconut rice and amazing chicken meatballs.


With the Gnocchi Pomodoro, I learned how to prepare sage-toasted pine nuts, which I will use for sure in other recipes because it was delicious.



What was stressing me out the most was the cookies….I don’t really have a sweet tooth and I rarely bake desserts, I am even known for my failed attempts to prepare cake or cookies (all my friends can witness that my birthday cakes are the worst). I was sure that these cookies would be no exception to the rule, but they turned out to be delicious! On one hand I am very proud of myself, and on the other hand I am not taking any credit because you can’t really fail and you have all the exact measurements for your ingredients!

I would like to highlight another reason to choose PLATED: they provide 100% antibiotic-free meats, beef with no added hormones, and seasonal, hand-packed produce from trusted purveyors. They also include organic produce, locally sourced ingredients, and sustainably sourced fish whenever possible.

Now the good news: PLATED and I partnered to offer you 60% off you first week. Just sign up and enter the code LAURAALBOUY60 to enjoy it!

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