Pour La Victoire


How often do you find heels in which you can walk more than 5min without silently suffering and wishing that you could just throw them in the first garbage bin? Since I became a mother and that I traded my “cute girl” outfits for everything that’s “COMFY” and “PRACTICAL” (two words that go hand in hand with maternity), I became very, very demanding when it comes to heels. Last week, I received these gorgeous Pour La Victoire sandals, and I immediately had the occasion to give it the ultimate test: going to Downtown Los Angeles, the district where you can never park and always has to walk 15mn to your appointment. A nightmare if you’re not wearing the right shoes. Add to this that it was very hot in Los Angeles (sorry French friends, I know that you’re still waiting for the sun in Paris…), which could have turned the whole experience into a disaster. But these beauties were so comfy, that I (almost) felt like I was wearing sneakers. I was sincerely impressed, and super happy that I finally found the shoes that I will be wearing all Summer.





Sandales Pour La Victoire ; Jean Levi’s ; Bodysuit Zara (similaire ici), Sac Cult Gaia

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