Red Jacquard Dress

Red Trendy Color Fashion 2017

Oh Zara…I have a love-hate relationship with you. I am trying to buy more slow-fashion items, and right when I was convinced that I would not buy from you anymore, here you are with this fabulous jacquard red dress. What can I say, I am weak…and apparently I am not the only one because it has sold out in a few days! But if you were coveting it, I have found (really) similar red dresses that I have listed at the end of this post. 



I almost forgot to talk about these glossy patent leather boots: they’re from Erin Adamson, a Parisian luxury footwear designer that I recently discovered (I also have featured these leather sneakers from the same designer on my Instagram). The new Fall collection, inspired by Rococco chic, featuring black (the signature of the brand) with touches of red  in rich materials such as velvet or textured leather, is to die for! Check out the eshop to learn more.

Photos: @stefaniemmariee




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