Road Trip – USA

This is the last day of 2013, which has been a crazy year for me: I left Paris for Los Angeles, my man proposed me and we got married a few days later, without planning anything, I started Initials LA (and THANK YOU all for your support), and I also made this Road Trip through the south of USA. 3 amazing weeks I wanted to share with you before we turn the page on 2013.

So, in August, my man, my english bulldog and I took the road in our little FIAT 500 (which was actually very cool for such a long trip), and went from California to Key West, South Florida. Most of the videos were shot in the car (you will notice the windows getting more and more dirty with time!), excuse my shaky hand, I was practicing with my camera work!

You will first recognize the city of Austin, the coolest and hipest spot of Texas, also the home of Janis Joplin.

Then we headed to New Orleans, Louisiana, and I am so sorry I don’t have any video of this charming city, where you can hear jazz at every corner, and all the houses have different colors, it looks like a Disneyland for adults.

After a stop in Pensacola and Orlando to visit my then future husband’s family, we went to Miami for 5 crazy days, and I am VERY happy we did not film it! Party, party, party, and in between, a beautiful sunrise on the beach.

To finish our Road Trip, we went to Key West, where a beautiful surprise was waiting for me: my proposal!

On our way back, we had to stop in Arizona at the fabulous Painted Desert, and of course the Grand Canyon, an experience I will never forget…you must add this to your list of the things you want to see one day.

The music of the video is the song we listened maybe 1000 times on the road: “Tamacun”, from Rodrigo y Gabriela.

Enjoy! And now, if you are planning to do a road trip, forget the guide books, ask me!

I wish you a very happy last day in 2013…


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