One Year After

Jean blanc troué rock

Let’s face it, there are some Fashion trends that we follow more to conform ourselves than because we like it.

I am thinking of the slide pool sandalsor the Mom Jeans…we know it’s ugly, sometimes ridiculous, but we just can’t help buy it. The kind of outfits which expose us to future jokes from our friends/loves/children: “Darling, do you remember when you thought it was hot to wear large culotte pants???”

And then, there are outfits that are timeless and that we love to wear every year, like this simple look: a lace blouse, white distressed jeans (not to tight), and black wedges.

The proof I am not lying: we shot the exact same outfit last year, when I was 7 months pregnant (of course, the size of the Jeans was a little bigger ☻).

Rock Studded Pouch Mint

Zadig et Voltaire Lace Blouse hippie chic

Zadig et Voltaire Blouse dentelle noire

Zadig et voltaire lace blouse boho

Chemise dentelle Zadig et Voltaire

Chic and Rock outfit summer

bollywood bazzar pochette cloutée karine menthe

Beautiful transparent lace blouse Zadig et Voltaire

Sandales compensées Sandro cuir noir

Rock and Stylish style Paris

Pictures: Nikita Wong, blog Meet Me in Paree


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