The Perfect Summer Salad


I might be French but I am not what you would call a “Chef”. I master 5-6 recipes which the people who live with me or come often at home know have eaten 1000 times, and for the rest my motto is “In Whole Foods I trust”.
So when I find a new recipe which I want to reproduce (my criteria: easy and quick), it deserves to be shared on the blog! I found this one at my best friend’s brunch last week-end. If you are not into healthy food, you might hate, or else it’s just the perfect summer salad.


Ingredients for 4:
One green or mixte salad, or one cabbage
– A bunch of radishes thinly sliced
4 grated carrots 
– Two diced avocados
– One pack of Radish germs (easy to find in an organic store)
Gourd seeds (idem)
– Diced Surimi sticks (about a pack), or if you don’t like it, flaked crab
– Two lemon
Olive oil, Balsamic vinegar and Soy sauce

Mix all the ingredients in a salad bowl, except the gourd seeds. Press the two lemon, pour the juice on the salad.
Add some vinaigrette made with Olive Oil, Balsamic and Soy Sauce.

Toast the gourd seeds in a pan for 2 minutes, then add them to the salad.

Serve cold and fresh!


Bon dimanche!

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