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Today, let’s visit Chinatown district in San Francisco, the biggest Chinese district outside of China, and eat at the best Chinese restaurant I have ever been to: Yank Sing.


As soon as you get in front of the Chinatown gate to walk on Grant Avenue, you feel like you are in a new world, with a typical Asian architecture.

Let’s walk through Grant Avenue, the main street and also the most touristic place in Chinatown.




The street is decorated with 1920’s streetlights sculpted to resemble golden dragons lighting the way.





The “street art” in Chinatown often times represents dragons and buddhas, so different than the South-American’s street arts we saw in the Mission District :-).


Except the architecture, there is no much to see on Grant Avenue. Most of the boutiques are very cheap, proposing plastic and low-quality goodies for tourists. You will find cool iphone cases, Chinese dolls or Kimonos for a good price, but nothing exceptional.

If you want to have lunch, I have an amazing place to advice: it is a few streets out of Chinatown, in the Financial District, 5mn walking from the Chinatown gate: Yank Sing.

Yank Sing chinese food dim sum san francisco

This restaurant is specialized in Dim Sum: small bite-sized traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. The way it is served is very original (at least, I did not know it): ready-to-serve dim sum dishes are carted around the restaurant for customers to choose their orders while seated at their tables.

Yank Sing Chinese restaurant san francisco

My favorite Dim Sums were the steamed Dumpling, the Bao ( a bun filled with meat), and the sesame balls.

The address of this place:
Yank Sing
49 Stevenson St.
San Francisco

Next step: the Golden Gate!


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