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“Give a girl the right shoes and she will conquer the world”.

When it comes to fashion we are so used to buying what’s being imposed on us that we forget the real luxury is to be able to choose exactly what WE want. I have partnered with Shoes of Prey, an awesome company that offers the possibility to entirely personalize your shoes (heel height, materials, color, finish…) and delivers your custom-made model to your door in two weeks. Oh, and for the same price as most regular shoe retailers, should I mention.

Spoiler alert: there’s a promo code at the end of this post! ↓↓↓

Customize your sneakers Shoes of Prey

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All you have to do is go on their Shoe Design Lab, select your model (you can basically find any style: pumps, sneakers, boots, flats…) and start customizing your shoes on the 3D interface, picking from the hundreds of available options.

I have been craving gold sneakers for a while. I chose Shoes of Prey sneakers Salustri (I liked the fact that it had 2 panels that I could customize to make the shoes bi-color) and I was able to personalize the following elements: heel height, color and material of front and back panel, pull tab, and even details such as the lining, eyelet and sole strip. So basically, EVERYTHING.

I chose a gold metallic leather on the front panel, and an ivory silk leather on the back panel, but there were so many other tempting options: ash white nappa leather, vanilla pebble grain, croc embossed nappa leather. For those who love patterns, Shoes of Prey also have a wide selection of fun, trendy patterns (leopard, gingham, plaid, polka dots…).

Thanks to the 3D interface, you can spin the shoe, zoom on details…to have the best idea of how your shoes will look.

Shoes of Prey also allows you to personalize them with a custom inscription.

After you order your shoes, you will receive notifications from the brand at every step of their production, until they are delivered to your doorstep. What about the fit? It’s very comfortable, with great cushion support.

It is now time to customize your own shoes, and I have great news: Shoes of Prey will offer you a free custom inscription (valued at $49) with the promo code LAURALBOUY. You can choose your initials, your nickname, a message for someone…whatever will make these shoes extra special for you!

As for my outfit, I am wearing a striped shirt and bag by French label Sezane, who just opened their first store in NYC.

You can shop these items below:

Pictures @Melalaval.

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