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Spoiler: Revealing before/after photos of my skin at the end of this post!

A few years ago, because of my pregnancy, sun exposure, and age, my skin started to show dark spots, little scars and freckles. I have been trying to hide these with makeup and bought all kind of primers, foundations and concealers. However, I am not wearing makeup every day and I really wanted to improve my skin condition to be able to feel confident with zero makeup.
I have already talked about Parfaire Medical on the blog, a Medi-Spa located in Pasadena that provides a complete range of non-surgical treatments for the face and body such as skin tightening, lifts, IPL Photo-Facial, acne treatment…I tried their SilkPeel Facial treatment a few months ago and fully trust their expertise. I was very curious about their Clear-Skin treatment which uses Lumecca, a new technology that uses laser-like intense pulsed light (IPL) and energy to selectively target and treat a variety of skin conditions.
I have partnered with Parfaire to introduce you to this treatment and give my honest review about it.

What you should know about the Clear Skin Treatment:
Lumecca is precision-focused to provide the ultimate prestige solution to:
– Photo-damaged skin
– Pigment spots
– Melasma
– Rosacea
– Active acnes
– Large pores
– Dull skin tone
– Visible blood vessels or “spider veins” on face

How it works:
The treatment is provided by Dr. Winnie, the founder and Medical Director of Parfaire. Dr. Winnie is an outstanding successful woman who received her medical degree and completed her residency training at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

When the light hits your skin, it’s converted into high-quality heat energy that penetrates deep into the dermis with 40% greater energy than standard IPL, which more efficiently breaks up pigments, shrinks blood vessels, and smooths out skin tone while breathing new life into your skin’s deep structures.

How long is it?
My treatment lasted about 30mn for the face, but it can vary depending on the area that you are treating.

Does it hurt?
You will feel a very light burn on your skin, but after the treatment Dr. Winnie will apply a soothing lotion or cream that will make you feel better instantly.

Is there a downtime treatment?
Right after the treatment, my face was a little red and swollen (but nothing too bad, I still could go out without hiding). The day after the treatment, the dark spots looked even darker, which is a positive thing because it means that the pigment is rising towards the surface and will soon exfoliate.
5 days after the treatment, I started to see amazing results: the dark spots were gone, or significantly diminished, especially on my cheeks and below my eyes, where I had the darkest spots.

Before/After photo:

Before After Photos Lumecca Parfaire

I am beyond satisfied with the results. The improvement of my skin condition is obvious and I have received so many compliments since I tried this treatment. Most of my dark spots were located on the right side of my face and almost everything is gone. I know that NO makeup could have provided the same results. My skin is more even, radiant and brighter, and I can go out without any makeup (just a strong sunblock to avoid doing the same mistakes as when I was younger!) and feel more confident about myself.

This treatment is a little pricey (like all IPL treatments), but if you are dealing with skin imperfections that bother you on a daily base, it’s really worth spending a few hundred dollars for a fresh, bright skin, instead of spending money on beauty products that will only act like a camouflage!

More information here!

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  1. Wow your skin looks great! I’ve also struggled with acne and scarring on my face. I started getting laser treatments recently and they do work wonders! IfI ever visit Pasadena I will definitely check this spa out! Thanks for sharing!

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