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I don’t know about you, but I switched to Summer mode a few days ago. Well, I guess that the warm temperatures in Los Angeles sped up the process. This season I am craving spicy colors: they remind me of the tones that you find in Morocco, very warm, deep and earthy. Thanks to Shoes of Prey, a retail brand that allows you to design your own shoes online (I introduced you to the brand in this post last year), I was able to personalize my slingback pumps and to choose this gingerbread vegan leather that is exactly what I had in mind. I styled it with what might be my new favorite piece in my wardrobe: this jumpsuit from Faithfull The Brand. I don’t think that I can get enough of this burnt Sienna color that instantly warms up the look. I also love the contrast of styles between the classic shoes and the sexy, ultra-feminine playsuit.

Today, I have partnered with Shoes of Prey to offer you a free custom inscription (valued at $49) with the code LAURALBOUY. You can choose anything, your initials, a word that means something to you…to make your new shoes unique. Start creating it now!

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  1. We who organize it is Jesper Ingevaldsson of the shoe blog Shoegazing and Justin FitzPatrick of The Shoe Snob blog. Last year’s event was a big success with 800 visitors from all over the world coming to see, try, buy and order shoes (shoes were bought for £53 500/€62 000), meet fellow shoe aficianados, see interesting scene events and have a good time in general. The super trunk really became a great meeting place for people from various parts of the industry and for shoe interested customers.

  2. Fits as Expected, Just Questionable Authenticity The shoes did not come in an Adidas box, so I was pretty skeptical when I opened them. I am still not 100% sure if these are legitimate, but they are comfortable so far and don”t have excessive glue or anything. Most reviews said that this shoe was on the narrow side, but I have pretty wide feet, and these seem perfect. I wear 7 to 7.5 in regular shoes, but I like to size up slightly in exercise shoes so that I do not damage my toes. Size 8 seems to be a perfect fit for what I wanted. I am not

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