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Heard in Paris : « Paris is so dead, nothing is going on anymore, there is no energy…blablabla ».

Really ? Well go to the TAKE ME UP event, and you will get your fix of energy !

Daphnée Delamare Karen Jigorel Take Me Up TAKE ME UP (previously called TAKE ME OUT) is a rendez-vous open to general public, created by a successful duo of two trendy parisien girls : Karen Jigorel and Daphnée Delamare.

Daphnée previously worked as a fashion editor, Karen worked in PR and also in the Parisian nightlife as an event organizer. They wanted to instill a new dynamic to shopping by putting together the universes that inspired them the most: Fashion, Art and Music. TAKE ME UP was born.
Every 3 months, they choose an artistic, unusual parisian place (like le Trianon, La Bellevilloise or le Comptoir Général, places that I highly recommend to visit in Paris) and put together 60 Fashion, Jewelry and Accessory designers, with Art exhibitions and Live concerts, in a cool and chill atmosphere.
To strengthen the « creative » concept, Take Me Up offers DIY workshops at each edition.
Take me Up Bellevilloise Hipster Paris Fashion Music Art

Discover TAKE ME UP in video:

What style do you shop at TAKE ME UP?
From rock to vintage, romantic to punk, Daphnée and Karen are religious about selecting an eclectic choice of designers, but always on the edge.

Well, of course, they have their favorites, who are most part of the TAKE ME UP adventure from the beginning : Bollywood Bazzar bags (read my post about it here), Clara Jasmine and her romantic creations mixing lace and metal, Thomas V and his cutting-edge jewels, or parisian hipster fashion brand Johaab.

bollywood bazzar leopard Take Me Up bag fashion
Bollywood Bazzar

Clara Jasmine

Thomas V Take Me Up Jewelry
Thomas V

Johaab Take Me Up Fashion

So why would you shop at TAKE ME UP?
First, because it is a cool place to go. More than a giant pop-up store, it’s a rendez-vous to hang out with friendss, have a drink, exploring the food corner, listen to emerging music. You can even get tattooed or shop for your pet !
take me up pets shopping

It’s a great way to support emerging French creators, new talent who can’t afford their own boutique and use TAKE ME UP to personally meet their audience. And they are more and more willing to be part of the adventure! Next edition will also welcome designers for Kid’s fashion and furniture. TAKE ME UP FASHION KIDS shopping TAKE ME UP FASHION DESIGN FURNITURES SHOPPING

Finally, because it is nicer to get a unique piece that you will be the only one to own.

If you plan to go to Paris, the next TAKE ME UP will be from November 22nd to 24th, at the « Espace des Blancs Manteaux », 75004 Paris.

But if, like me, you stay in LA, be patient ! TAKE ME UP designers will soon be available on internet and I am working with Daphnée and Karen on an event in Los Angeles sometime in 2014. TBC

Follow TAKE ME UP news on their facebook page: www.facebook.com/takemeupcom


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