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As a French expatriate living in LA, my daily dose of french is The Parisian Flair, a website created by 100% Parisian girl Emily Einbinder, highlighting French lifestyle and culture and covering different topics: Cinema, Literature, Fashion, Food, Music…

It is funny that, as eternal unsatisfied french people, we need to get away from the things that surrounds us to realize how much we loved it.

When I was living in Paris, there was much I took for granted, often missing the beautiful architecture of the monuments I was driving by on my Vespa, the charming pedestrians streets with cute cafés and terraces where you can still SMOKE and even the rich culture and the amazing exhibitions Paris offers.

French architecture The Parisian Flair Bridge Paris La Concorde

French café Les Deux Magots Saint Germain des Prés Paris The Parisian Flair

I was making fun of tourists taking pictures of bakeries windows…this was before I bought a french baguette in the USA (yuck)!

The Parisian Flair French Food Pastries Bakery

Overall, I did not realize that being French is more than a nationality; it is an “Art de Vivre”, and this is what The Parisian Flair honors in a complete, rich and fun digital magazine.

Emily Einbinder The Parisian Flair When you meet the creator Emily,you get it all. First, she chooses the french restaurant Pain Quotidien on Melrose for our first rendez-vous. When I arrive there, I recognize her immediately: classic Givenchy bag, natural make-up, sober and chic outfit, no bling-bling, she is exactly what you expect of a Parisian girl. Like me, she moved to LA a few months ago, and this is when her french blood started to boil, so she created “The Parisian Flair“.

What do you find on The Parisian Flair?
Everyday you can learn a new french useful word in the “One day-One word” category, portraits of True Parisians (designers, artists, musicians…) called “The Flairs” to understand their vision of French Lifestyle, recipes of French gastronomy and many other inspirations to “breathe” French.

The Parisian Flair The Flairs

The Parisian Flair Food Fondant au chocolat recipe

I love the subtle, sometimes ironic, nostalgic tone of the magazine, where you know that Emily loves France but is also able to point the funny defects of French People .
Her instagram videos, where she also teaches French, are so nice, look at my bully Gibson:

In brief, if you want to learn more about French culture, if you are in love with a french girl/boy, if you plan to go to France, if you want to make fun of French people….this is your website.

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Bonne journée!

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