The funnel neck sweater

Look seventies topshop funnel neck knit

The last time I was wearing a tight funnel neck sweater, I was also wearing blue hair mascara and was probably in elementary school. And I am almost positive I was hating it, since my mother was forcing me to wear it.

Fashion is so ironic, isn’t it? Not only did I run to get a funnel neck at age 31, because I suddenly think it’s super sexy and feminine, I got a MUSTARD one, the most seventies and difficult to wear color ever. The 10 years old me must be petrified :-).



Funny coincidence, my camera is dying, and this “oldish” filter appeared on some pictures we took, giving this very vintage style.



Look seventies mustard knit

Pictures: JP.


Knit: Topshop (comes in different colors) ; Skirt: Sandro : Bag: APC ; Sandals: Marni (similar models from the brand and on sales here) ; Lurex socks: Topshop (similar ici).

And if you loved the style, here are more similar items:

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