The “No POO” Trend: 5 ways to stop to use shampoo


Bored on my couch during my 9th month of pregnancy, I was looking for a miracle DYI to repair my very damaged hair (cause i must be the only pregnant girl on earth who has dry and dull hair…), when I discovered this surprising new trend: the “No Poo” movement, or how to stop to use commercial (and mostly chemical) shampoos, masks, hair oils, moisturizing treatments…

First, it sounded totally crazy to me, being someone who can’t resist to try every new product on the market, which makes my bathroom look like the Haircare Department of Sephora.

Then, I remembered that every revolution is shocking at first (remember when we all thought that skinny jeans made our legs look like sausages 15 years ago?), and decided to give this trend a try.

Here are the 5 best alternatives to shampoos I found on the website

1. Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar


The traditional no ‘poo method is a combination of rinses: baking soda for cleansing and apple cider vinegar for conditioning. If you’re looking to commit to the no ‘poo lifestyle, these two ingredients are all you need.

For more information on this method, click here.

2. Honey

Honey No Poo shampoo trend

For those who find traditional methods make their tresses a little too frizzy, a honey wash is a fine all-natural alternative.

For more information on this method, click here.

3. Aloe

Aloe Vera No Poo Movement Hair

Aloe is an excellent ingredient for no ‘poo users whose hair is in in transition after using store-bought products. It is also wonderful for maintaining a healthy scalp.

For more information on this method, click here.

4. Coconut


Coconut is definitely the big winner fruit this year. After all the benefits of the coconut oil listed in my previous article, I discovered that it is also the perfect ingredient for dry and damaged hair.

If you’re still wary of vinegar, or seeking a method that is more forgiving on curly locks, a pH-balanced coconut rinse is a perfect way to get moisturized hair without buying harmful products.

For more information on this method, click here

5. Eggs

Eggs no poo shampoo

Proteins in eggs give your hair strength and luster that can’t be beat while gently washing your hair.

For more information on this method, click here.

Will you fall for this new trend?

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