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Damn, I can’t believe it took me 3 months to write this post. I am getting so busy that I am late on all the things I’d like to talk to you guys about. So I’ll be quick: you need to know about THE REFORMATION, this LA-based brand which designs and manufactures limited-edition collections in their own sustainable sewing factory, with mostly vintage or rescued deadstock fabrics from fashion houses that over-ordered.

Why is this detail important for us? Because by producing their own collections and using second-hand fabrics, they cut out the traditional retail markups, and provide affordable, sustainable and super trendy clothes. 

While visiting the Reformation store last December, located on Melrose Avenue in LA, I bought this wrap dress which I featured on the blog here and wore for every party I’ve been too since:


Another cool thing to know if you don’t live in LA: they create mini-collections almost every week, which also are available on their eshop (actually, it looks like there’s more choice online than in the actual store), so don’t feel bad if you don’t live in the city of Angels!

Reformation-fashion-ethic-brand-Los-Angeles-sustainable ethic



Reformation-Fashion-brand-Los-Angeles-sustainable environment

What do you think of the brand? Would you join the Reformation?

Have a nice week babes, I hope I find time to write again soon!


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