Isabel Marant for H&M: The Tidal Wave!

Isabel Marant collaboration with H&M

“I just go to take pictures for my blog of the girls driving crazy for the collection, don’t worry!”

Those were my last words to my man, when, this morning, I left home to go to H&M on Sunset Plaza to check the eagerly awaited Isabel Marant collection. Those words were sincere, I swear…but not as sincere as the big smile I gave to the girl at H&M check-out when I left the store!

10:00: I arrive at H&M on Sunset Plaza, West Hollywood. No line outside, store looks quiet and calm, I wonder if it is really November 14th or if Isabel Marant’s worldwide success reached LA…

10:05; oooooh ok, line is inside and aaaalllll over the store. Only a few VIP (press, blogs) are allowed to shop in the area dedicated to the collection, before they open it to everybody 45 minutes later.

10:10: I am not proud, but I did it.. I talk about the blog to a security man, saying that I am here for a report in France, and it works…they let me in the area! Just before I enter it, I hear a girl saying she will commit suicide if she does not find her size in the leather pants. God this is serious! People don’t joke with fashion here!

Isabel Marant H&M bonjour

10:15: I appreciate the french words decorating the floor. The collection is nice, of course I saw it in pictures before, but the fabrics are not that bad compared to previous collaborations H&M did. I recognize Isabel Marant signature boho style, a lot of prints, jogging pants, oversize coats, loose blouses. I pick a cute little dress (or is it a tee-shirt?), very short, with a feather blue print.

H&M Isabel Marant dress feathers

Isabel Marant H&M

10:20: they open the area quicker than expected, and then it is tidal wave, there must be 10 people on the same rack. My advantage as a French girl is that I dont’ focus on items that we have been wearing in Paris for years, like oversizes coats, blouses, men-style jackets, so I don’t have problems finding my size in what I like. I find 2 cool pairs of flat shoes, perfect for LA casual style or hanging out in Le Marais, Paris.

Isabel Marant for H&M collection - Converse

10:30: Too many people, that’s crazy. I get pushed out of the area by the crowd. I decide to go try my stuff in a corner before I pay for it. Everything from the collection disappears in a few minutes.

10:40: What a stupid mistake! When I want to pay, 50 people are already waiting, and they have the perfect trick! They try the items on while waiting in the line, and throw what they don’t want by the side. Smart girs!

H&M is a paradise for men now, with all those girls in panties hanging around, taking pictures of themselves to check how they look like.

 Isabel Marant collection for H&M

11:10: I get out of the store, tired, but happy that French Fashion drives girls nuts so far from home!

11:30: I am home, my man is laughing (he always knew I would be back with a shopping bag).

Result of my expedition:

  • one dress with blue feather print.
  • two pairs of shoes
  • one sailor cap
  • one big knit black and white scarf

H&M Isabel Marant Initials LA

Total: $220, less than the price of ONE item by Isabel Marant, not that bad.

The irony of fate; I did not event take ONE picture, too focus on my shopping, so I would like to thank LA RACKED , who was at the same place in LA this morning, and from whom I borrowed some of these pictures.

If you live far from an H&M store, you can shop the collection on their website.

Bisous (=xo)

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