Quick, a “SUPer Girl” tee by Dr Summer!

SUPer girl colette paris dr summer


I have some good news for the Summer addicts!

The French brand “Dr Summer” (which I introduced you to here), comes back with a new concept for Stand Up Paddle fans (or for those who, like me, gave up the perspective to stand up on a longboard and chose to practice to Paddle instead, a much easier and reassuring option!): the SUPer Aventure de Dr Summer collection.

A short and SUPer efficient line: four SUPer models, a tee-shirt and a sweater for man and woman. One color, grey. And one SUPer store: the worldwide known concept store Colette in Paris !

Super Girl Laura Albouy blog mode Initials LA
Moi en SUPer Future Mummy 🙂

3 reasons to get your SUPer tee-shirt or sweater:

1. We LOOOVE Stand Up Paddle

Stand Up Paddle is the new star-sport on beaches, from California to the West Coast of France (Biarritz, where I grew up), because it allows you to show off without risking to be ridiculous.
Exit the fear to fall at any second from your board, loose your swimsuit in the waves or even worse, (and I KNOW you think about it too), stab your eye with the aileron of your board. With the Paddle, you can stand up proudly, on a calm sea, and reveal the SUPer girl in you.

Sweater SUPer Girl Colette Paris

SUPER MAN sweater Dr Summer

2. We DO NEED a new shirt. ALWAYS.

And a sweater just in case it is getting cold by the sea. Of Course.

SUPer Girl tee colette paris

super man tee dr summer

3. We want to join the Dr Summer community

Among all the existing communities, admit that it is much more fun to support Dr Summer, the therapist of Summer all year long, than Candy Crush…And the SUPer team, starting with Nath, founder of Dr Summer and Summer Gourou, are, of course…SUPer nice!

Nath Grosz, créatrice Dr Summer SUPer Girl collection
Nath Grosz, SUPer créatrice de Dr Summer
SUPer Girl Dr SUmmer tee
Karine, SUPer Girl in Guethary
Miss France Laury Thillerman Super Girl
Laury Thillerman, SUPer girl

To join the Dr Summer Worldwide Team and shop your SUPer tee-shirt:
Website: www.drsummer.com
Facebook: Dr Summer
Models also available at Colette Paris.

And for those who read the article till the end, here is a special bonus: pictures of my first Paddle class with my BFF, a few years ago (yeah, I needed a class, so what?). If I did it, you definitely can do it too!

Stand Up Paddle Biarritz CĂ´te des Basques

Stand Up Paddle Biarritz CĂ´te des Basques

Have a great summer my Summeristas


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