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As you can guess by the title, the story of our last day in Amsterdam, is almost all about food!

Follow us and discover the spots we went to to enjoy Amsterdam’s SUPER CALORIC but also good and warming food.

The Flower Market


You know what they say…before you eat, you must exercise!

That’s why we first visited the famous Flower Markert, the biggest in the Netherlands, which is located along the Singel Canal, on the West side of the city.

You can find dozens of Tulip’s varieties (the Tulip is the national flower), coming in actual flowers or bulbs, but you’ll also find geraniums, narcissus, and all kinds of other plants.





The Rembrandtplein

A little further on, we reached a place dedicated to the national painter Rembrandt, which at this time of year was packed with quaint vendors selling local specialties: Braadworst (some kind of hot-dog with a curry sauce), waffles, hot wine…all this in a very typical decoration, which reminds us that it is the Christmas season.



rembrandtplein amsterdam where to eat

Right next to the Braadworst shop, another temptation was waiting for me: giant apples covered with chocolates and candies. Very hard to resist…



And then I remembered that we had walked all morning long. So I fell for this cone full of strawberries dipped in chocolate, which, for an obscure reason, seemed more reasonable than the apples.

Two steps further, damn it, the waffle truck…but waffles in Amsterdam are like “pain au chocolat” in Paris: you can find them everywhere, so you are a little bit over it.

Finally, know that I am looking at this picture again, I wish I had tried some!



Café Bern

You thought that we had enough food? Well, let’s blame the cold weather, but we were ready to go to Café Bern, an institution in Amsterdam, where you take 3 pounds just looking at the menu!

Best address in Amsterdam Café Bern Fondue

Vegan friends, close your eyes, this is going to hurt.
The specialty of this place is this beef, that you cook yourself in a delicious butter and herbs sauce.

Where to eat in Amsterdam: cafe bern

Then comes the second specialty of the house, the fondue…because you DO need some cheese and bread to go with your meat! 🙂

Best address in Amsterdam Café Bern Fondue

I would add that this place is very friendly, where customers talk to each others, and where the boss will come say hi to you.

We also had the confirmation that Jules, at 4 months, is a party boy like his mother…genetic is amazing sometimes!

Jules amsterdam café bern

Wynand Fockink

After such a great meal, a little digestive is appropriate, and Amsterdam has one of the oldest liquor bars, hidden in the small Pijlsteeg street behind the dam.

It is called Wynand Fockink, it has been operating since 1679, they specialized in jenever liquors.

where to have a drink in amsterdam liquor bar jenever

They propose more than 60 homemade liquor flavors, with enigmatic and intriguing names such as: “water of my aunt”, “take your shirt off” or “the longer the better”.

where to have a drink in amsterdam liquor bar jenever

And this is how we ended our week-end in Amsterdam, walking under the Christmas lights on our way home from the Van Gogh museum .



Je vous embrasse


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