Win VIP ticket to “Designer & The Muse” event on Instagram

Designer and the Muse FGILA fashion event
Designer & The Muse Fashion event

On October 23rd, in Los Angeles, Fashion Group International will celebrate for the 5th annual edition LA Fashion during the glamorous event “Designer & The Muse”

LA top designers will walk the red carpet with their celebrity or model inspirational muse at the Mr C hotel in Beverly Hills, a portion of the benefits will go to the Muse Scholarship charity.

Good news! One VIP ticket you can win via Instagram!

To participate:   

  • post on Instagram the picture of your favorite fashion designer
  • hashtag #designerandthemuse and #initialsla

Winner will be announced on saturday on instagram.

Good luck

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  1. sorry i want to sign up to win but i dont know how to post anything to intagram.. that does not seem fair.. i cant be the only one in the world who can not post to Intagram.. i would love too if i only knew how to post. i would post so many people as my favorite designers..
    i do like Kathy Hilton i know you would not think of her. but i do like some of her dresses.
    i love also David Tutruera he has some amazing wedding gowns.. really stunning..
    as for my favortie it would be stella MacCartney i just love her work anything she does.. i also like Posh Becks i like her stuff.. i can go on and on and on. there are shoe makers who design some great works of art. i know the first two people would not come to mind but take a look at there things and you will David his work is stricking there is really not any one gown i would not want to wear if i was getting married.. i cant say that about any other wedding dress maker.
    and Stella her work is flawless. really its come so far.
    even Victoria Beckham is great at her stuff even though she is really new at it.. its starting to make a statement.

  2. please do thank you .. i know i am dumb for not being able i do have a site that i look at others on instagram .,… i just never learned how to post a picture..
    i hope this does not bode badly for me.. since i truly would love to win.. i have never won anything and to get a chance to even be considered is a true honor.. thank you …
    thank you and Cheers.. and
    Best Wishes and again thank you

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